"Because even though I love people and am full of good intentions, I’m also capable of being petty." 😅

As an Italian-Cuban who moved to the South in the mid-90s from Miami, I got a lot of questions about my nose, black hair, and weird last name. (About 70 households worldwide, mostly in Spain, have the same surname... at least when I checked using dial-up internet as a kid. It was four syllables long and properly said with an ñ. Too flavorful for a shy twelve-year-old.)

It was difficult straddling between both cultures. Never Italian (white) enough nor Hispanic enough. But having the privilege of being able to hide my ethnicity (very important to acknowledge), allowed me to see people's true colors. "Yes, please tell me that joke about wet backs again." 🤦🏻‍♀️

My oldest has done a project like this, and when adding in his dad's British-Irish roots, the presentation gets long!

Great read!

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Thank you for sharing your experiences. Wonderful job educating your children and others.

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This is so validating. Thank you!

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