Thank you for this. I’ve written under a pen name and also published a memoir with similar kinky themes under my own name. It’s been a wild ride and I appreciate you writing about your journey here.

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Oh, this hits deep. CNF writers, like myself, are discouraged from writing under a pen name. The whole basis of our writing is truth.

As I wade in the waters of my post-grad school job hunt, I'm wondering if I should close shop. I write about my experiences in a one-sided open marriage (he's asexual and I'm very not and bi) and rediscovering sensuality as a former pastor's wife and 40-year-old mom.

ALL under my real name which my husband encouraged.

I've held back in some areas because I want the safety net of a regular 9-5, but I know I would always wonder how life would have unraveled if I continued down a bolder path.

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